1st Mortgage Loan Alternative: Secured Lending for Smarter Small Business Finance

Mark Hutchins

Mark Hutchins

Director - Secured Lending

1st Mortgage Loan Alternative: Secured Lending for Smarter Small Business Finance

Every entrepreneur faces a moment – a golden opportunity that demands immediate action, but your resources are stretched thin. Perhaps you’ve identified a lucrative deal that requires an influx of working capital, but your finances are tied up in valuable assets like property or equipment. This is a common scenario, especially for small businesses where cash flow can be tight. But what if there was a way to leverage those very assets and seize the opportunity without sacrificing long-term goals?

This is where Secured Lending steps in as the champion for small business finance. We offer a powerful alternative to traditional financing options like a 1st mortgage loan, specifically designed to empower businesses to capitalise on immediate needs while safeguarding their long-term financial health.

The Challenge: Balancing Growth and Asset Management

Imagine you’re a small business owner in a thriving industry. You’ve nurtured your company from the ground up, and now a chance arises to take things to the next level. Maybe it’s a lucrative contract, a strategic acquisition, or the need to invest in cutting-edge equipment. The potential is undeniable, but there’s a catch – a significant portion of your capital is tied up in a valuable asset, like a high-end office space or specialised machinery.

Selling this asset outright might seem like the quickest solution. However, this approach can be detrimental in two ways. Firstly, fire-sale situations often lead to missed opportunities to maximise the value of the asset. Secondly, a rushed sale might disrupt your business operations, hindering your ability to capitalise on the very opportunity that triggered the need for additional capital.

The Secured Lending Advantage: Unleashing Potential While Minimising Risk

Secured Lending offers a smarter solution – a 1st mortgage loan specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses. This type of loan allows you to leverage the value of your existing assets, such as real estate, inventory, or equipment, as collateral for a short-term loan. Unlike a traditional 1st mortgage loan designed for homeowners, our secured loans are designed with short repayment terms, allowing you to access the necessary capital quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how Secured Lending empowers your business growth:

  • Unlock Working Capital: Our 1st mortgage loans provide the immediate financial boost you need to seize time-sensitive opportunities. Whether it’s a down payment on a new contract, investment in marketing initiatives, or the purchase of essential equipment, Secured Lending bridges the gap between your current resources and your growth ambitions.
  • Strategic Asset Management: Unlike selling your assets, Secured Lending allows you to retain ownership and continue leveraging them for your business operations. This ensures long-term value retention and avoids disrupting your business continuity.
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Our 1st mortgage loans come with flexible repayment terms designed to fit your specific business cash flow. This ensures manageable monthly payments that won’t strain your budget or hinder your growth trajectory.
  • Fast and Efficient Funding: We understand the urgency of business opportunities. That’s why our 1st mortgage loan application process is streamlined and efficient. You’ll receive a prompt decision and access to the funds you need quickly, allowing you to focus on capitalising on the opportunity at hand.
A Real-World Example: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Let’s revisit the scenario mentioned earlier – the entrepreneur with the amazing development deal but capital tied up in a luxury apartment. This is a situation we encounter frequently at Secured Lending. Selling such a valuable property deserves a meticulous sales strategy to fetch the highest price. Rushing the process could mean leaving significant money on the table.

This is where Secured Lending stepped in. We provided our client with a fast and efficient 1st mortgage loan. This 6-month loan gave them the breathing room they needed to execute a well-planned sales strategy for their apartment. This ensured they could not only secure the development opportunity but also maximise the value of their existing property, achieving a win-win situation.

How can Secured Lending Help?

Small business restructuring plans in Australia provide a lifeline for struggling enterprises to regain their financial footing and continue contributing to the economy.

Short term business loans play a crucial role in supporting these plans by providing much-needed capital flexibility. If your small business is facing financial challenges, don’t hesitate to explore the benefits of restructuring and consider short term business loans as a viable solution on your path to recovery and success. Consult with financial experts and leverage the available resources to ensure a smooth and successful restructuring journey.

Secured Lending understand the complexities of debt for businesses and the potential benefits of short term loans. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process  and helping you explore suitable financing options to address your debt effectively. 

Our loan products are designed to provide short term relief in circumstances where funding is not immediately available from traditional sources of finance, such as banks and other first tier institutions. These include:

We aim to implement our solutions as a matter of priority so that you can resume business as usual, with full control of your company.

If you or your client are in need of finance and need to speak to one of our experts, contact us on 1300 795 175 or email us at info@securedlending.com.au

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Secured Lending focuses on non-conforming, short term funding solutions with incredibly quick turnaround times. So why Secured Lending?
  • We have our own internal property valuation team.
  • We can settle caveats, 1st and 2nd mortgage loans within 24 hours up to $45m.
  • We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest in our approach, always aiming to have an initial assessment back to you in a few hour

Our rates start at 9.95% p.a. with loan terms from 1 – 24 months.

 If you have a scenario to discuss, please call us on 1300 795 175.
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