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Mark Hutchins

Mark Hutchins

Director - Secured Lending

It has been a crazy week here at Secured Lending. We have come across Borrowers from all walks of life who are looking to tidy up their finances in preparation for the end of financial year.

With a new settlement every day for the past 7 days, how could we not take the opportunity to bring you 7 LOANS IN 7 DAYS

Developer Loan 

2nd Mortgage – $1.2M

A developer mid-development required extra funds to meet increased costs on a development. A member of our team visited the site that afternoon, met the builder, reviewed the position and we funded the next day.

ATO Wind Up

2nd Mortgage – $450K

A client who had hoped to get a payment arrangement with the ATO was knocked back and quickly needed to scramble to get funds to pay the ATO. We funded within 24 hours of the request.

Bank stuck in snail land

1st Mortgage – $6.3M

A client who was relying on a yes from their bank to complete on a property purchase quickly realized that yes can mean maybe. We stepped in to complete the purchase and we will exit when the bank finally provide its approval. 

Debtor didn’t pay

1st Mortgage – $4.3M

A large trading enterprise had a significant debtor stall payment on them. The impact was crippling as the business sought to keep the lights on. We provided the required funds secured by the directors’ properties and a commercial property the company owned.

Phone bill bad boy

2nd Mortgage – $2.8M

Yes you can be considered a poor credit risk by the banks if 2 years ago you paid your corporate phone bill late. Don’t bother trying to apply logic to this one it will make your head hurt.

Clowns need funding too

1st Mortgage – $3.3M

This client likes to do kids parties on the weekend as a clown. Nothing clown about their impressive portfolio of property assets. We were simply asked to provide no fuss funding and we did in 24 hours. Simple.

Existing client knocking on our door

1st & 2nd Mortgages – $7.2M

A current client who was using us as an interim funding plug found themselves with an opportunity to buy out one of the business partners at what they perceived to be a great price. We refinanced the incumbent lender across the group and extended further funds within 48 hours. The bank had said credit would take 4-6 weeks! 

Our team members value you and your clients needs and understand that sometimes you don’t exactly know what those needs they are yet. If you would like to work through a scenario together or if you’d just like to find out a little bit more about our services, don’t wait any longer…

Secured Lending


Secured Lending focuses on non-conforming, short term funding solutions with incredibly quick turnaround times. So why Secured Lending?
  • We have our own internal property valuation team.
  • We can settle caveats, 1st and 2nd mortgage loans within 24 hours up to $45m.
  • We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest in our approach, always aiming to have an initial assessment back to you in a few hour

Our rates start at 9.95% p.a. with loan terms from 1 – 24 months.

 If you have a scenario to discuss, please call us on 1300 795 175.
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