5 Key Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from the Collapse of a Major Melbourne Manufacturer

Mark Hutchins

Mark Hutchins

Director - Secured Lending

Major Melbourne Manufacturer Collapsed

Manufacturer Learns Hard Lessons After 60 Years in Business

In a story that has sent shockwaves through the Australian manufacturing industry, a major Melbourne company, Camatic Pty Ltd, has collapsed owing a staggering $29 million. The company, which had been in business for 60 years and had worked on major projects around the world, including the Australian Open, went bust after what administrators are saying were difficulties stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The collapse of Camatic serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that manufacturers face in today’s ever-changing world. While the full details of the company’s demise are still emerging, there are several key lessons that other manufacturers can learn from this unfortunate event.

1. The Importance of Adaptability

The business world is constantly evolving, and companies that fail to adapt to changing market conditions are at risk of falling behind. In the case of Camatic, the COVID-19 pandemic likely presented a significant challenge. Lockdowns and restrictions on movement would have undoubtedly impacted their ability to operate at full capacity.

This highlights the importance of remaining adaptable. Business owners need to be constantly evaluating their operations and identifying areas for improvement. They should be prepared to pivot their strategies and embrace new technologies in order to stay ahead of the curve.

2. Diversification is Key – Specialist manufacturer

Camatic Pty Ltd was a specialist manufacturer of seating for stadiums and other venues. While this focus may have served the company well for many years, it also left it vulnerable to economic downturns that impacted the construction industry. By diversifying its product range or customer base, Camatic could have potentially mitigated the financial blow of the pandemic.

3. Building a Strong Financial Safety Net

Having a healthy financial safety net is essential for weathering economic storms. This includes maintaining a strong cash flow, keeping debt levels under control, and having access to credit lines. A robust financial buffer can provide businesses with the resources they need to adapt to changing circumstances and overcome temporary setbacks.

4. The Value of Investing in Innovation

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, innovation is key to success. Manufacturers that are constantly innovating and developing new products and processes are more likely to stay ahead of the curve. It is not clear from the article whether Camatic was investing in innovation, but this is an area that all manufacturers should be focusing on.

5. The Importance of Effective Communication

Clear and consistent communication is essential for maintaining strong relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers. During times of difficulty, it is especially important to keep stakeholders informed about the challenges the business is facing and the steps being taken to address them. Effective communication can help to build trust and confidence, which can be critical for navigating a crisis.


The collapse of Camatic Pty Ltd serves as a stark reminder of the importance of business resilience. By adopting a forward-thinking approach, embracing adaptability, diversification, and innovation, and prioritizing financial responsibility and clear communication, business owners can equip themselves with the tools they need to weather storms and ensure the long-term success of their enterprises.

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