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Mark Hutchins

Mark Hutchins

Director - Secured Lending

Scenario: A Notice of Rescission and Short-Term Finance

John is the owner of a small manufacturing company that produces custom parts for industrial clients. John recently exchanged on a warehouse property to expand his business operations, however, the banks were taking too long to settle on the property. As a result,  John receives a notice of rescission on the property settlement and puts John’s business in a precarious position as he risks losing his investment in the property and his ability to operate his business.

To save his business, John needs to raise capital quickly to settle the issue with the property’s title. He decides to apply for short-term finance, specifically a bridge loan, to cover the costs of resolving the issue. John does his research and finds a lender that offers bridge loans with fast approval times and competitive interest rates.

John’s application is approved, and he receives the funds he needs to resolve the title issue. With the help of legal counsel, John is able to rectify the issue with the property’s title and complete the settlement process. John is relieved that he was able to secure the financing he needed quickly, which allowed him to continue operating his business without disruption.

John uses cash flow management techniques to ensure that he can repay the bridge loan on time, and he is able to do so without issue. The short-term finance provided by the bridge loan allows John to save his business from potential financial disaster and to continue growing and expanding his operations in the new facility.

In conclusion, short-term finance can be a valuable tool for businesses facing unexpected financial challenges. In John’s case, a bridge loan helped him resolve a property settlement issue and saved his business from potential disaster. By researching different lenders and understanding the terms and conditions of the financing, businesses can secure the capital they need quickly and efficiently to overcome financial challenges and maintain their operations.

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