Putting the pieces back together

Mark Hutchins

Mark Hutchins

Director - Secured Lending

Some recent scenarios we have funded demonstrate our depth of expertise and what’s lurking beneath the waters: 

(1) Part-completed development with an insolvent builder – $4M 1st mortgage facility 

While Humpty hadn’t fallen off the wall, there were cracks everywhere with a lot of moving parts. Our in-house expertise allows us to assess the risk where others could only see obstacles. Working with the Administrator of the building company and the developer a deal was crafted to get the project moving.

(2) Knock knock no one is home – $1.3M 2nd mortgage facility

This opportunity came to us directly by a borrower who approached us with a refinance opportunity as their private loan was 1 week away from falling due. No problem we thought and we turned it around in 24 hours and we were ready for settlement. 

So this is where it gets just a little predictable by some in our industry. The borrower then spent the rest of the week trying to get a payout and when it finally arrived you guessed it the day after the term end date, a receiver was appointed and costs and payouts started to sky rocket. 

We increased our offer, paid out the lender, retired the receiver and will leave the post deal retribution in the borrower’s hands.    

For the uninitiated, the private funding world is a small industry so ask around for who is who in this zoo before you dive in. 

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Secured Lending


Secured Lending focuses on non-conforming, short term funding solutions with incredibly quick turnaround times. So why Secured Lending?
  • We have our own internal property valuation team.
  • We can settle caveats, 1st and 2nd mortgage loans within 24 hours up to $45m.
  • We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest in our approach, always aiming to have an initial assessment back to you in a few hour

Our rates start at 9.95% p.a. with loan terms from 1 – 24 months.

 If you have a scenario to discuss, please call us on 1300 795 175.
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