First Mortgage
Referral Program

First Mortgage Referral Program Details:

We appreciate the dedication and hard work that brokers put into their job. With the introduction of the First Mortgage Referral Bonus Program, we aim to show our gratitude by providing brokers with a well-deserved opportunity to maximize their earnings and achieve greater financial success for their efforts.

First Mortgage Referreral Program

Program Details:

  1. Referral: To qualify for the First Mortgage Referral Program, you must refer and successfully settle $5 million or more in first mortgages within the current FY23.

  2. Referral Commission Bonus: Once you meet the $5 million threshold, you’ll start receiving an additional 0.25% commission on all future first mortgage deals for the remainder of FY23.

  3. Commission Calculation: The 0.25% bonus commission is calculated based on the total loan amount for each settled mortgage. This means you’ll earn an extra 0.25% on top of your regular commission for every eligible mortgage deal you facilitate.

  4. Program Period: The program runs for the 2023 Financial Year.

  5. Qualification Period: Brokers can qualify for the program at any point during the FY23 when they reach the $5 million referral and settlement threshold. This means you can join the program as soon as you meet the criteria, and you’ll enjoy the bonus commission for the rest of the FY23.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. LinkedIn Requirement: To participate in the First Mortgage Referral Program, you must be follow Secured Lending on LinkedIn.

  2. Referral and Settlement Threshold: Brokers must refer and successfully settle $5 million or more in first mortgages to be eligible for the program

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