SL Premium Income Fund

Secured Lending are excited to introduce the SL Premium Income Fund (“the Fund”) providing Wholesale and Sophisticated Investors access to the private lending market.

The Fund provides Investors with access to investments in commercial loans that are secured by real property in Australia.

The Fund is structured as a series of sub-trusts, each of which holds a single loan. Investors are able to review the characteristic, risks and returns associated with each of these investment options and can then decide which they would like to invest in. Once an investor’s investment in a particular sub-trust is approved, they will receive units in that sub-trust which entitle them to a proportion of the income and capital of that particular sub-trust. 

Investors may choose which loan they wish to invest in based on their own risk appetite. 

All loans will be secured by a first registered mortgage over real property and if the borrower is a company borrower, a personal guarantee from each of its directors and a General Security Agreement over the company borrower.

This offer is limited to Wholesale Investors or Sophisticated Investors, as defined by the Corporations Act.

If you are a wholesale or sophisticated investor and want to know more, please register your interest and download the information memorandum. 

Why invest in the commercial debt market?

The commercial debt market is often overlooked or not considered as an investment option as it is difficult for private Wholesale / Sophisticated Investors to access quality deal flow.

Businesses regularly seek funding from lenders that are alternate to major banks. Secured Lending have positioned themselves to access this debt market.

The objective of the SL Premium Income Fund is to provide Wholesale / Sophisticated Investors with a monthly income stream through a selection of investments in short-term registered first mortgage loans.

This Fund is typically suited to Wholesale / Sophisticated Investors who seek:

  • Potential for steady income: Mortgage funds can provide a steady stream of income through the regular interest payments made by borrowers on their mortgages.

  • Diversification: Investing in a mortgage fund can help diversify an investment portfolio, as the returns from a mortgage fund are often uncorrelated with other types of investments.

  • Professional management: Mortgage funds are managed by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the mortgage market and can make informed investment decisions.

  • Potential for high returns: Mortgage funds can offer higher returns than other types of fixed income investments, such as bonds.

  • Low correlation with stock market: Mortgage funds are typically less volatile and have lower correlation with stock market, which can be beneficial during an economic downturn.

  • Risk-adjusted returns: A well-managed mortgage fund can provide risk-adjusted returns which are higher than the returns generated by other types of fixed income investments such as bonds. 

Investing made easy

Secured Lending makes investing easy:

  • We will look after the day-to day management of your investments on your behalf
  • You will be provided with in-depth investment reports monthly
  • Our team are available to take any enquiries you have relating to your investment

Take action

If you have any further questions, please request a call back and a member of our team will contact you.

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