First Mortgage Finance

First Mortgage

How it works

We have streamlined our procedures for our 1st mortgage product so our clients are able to access funds immediately.

What is a first mortgage?

A 1st mortgage loan is a form of finance where you provide a lender with the title of your property as security.

What can I use a first mortgage loan for?

A first ranking mortgage loan are commonly used for purchasing a residential / owner occupied property, however, they can also be used to finance a range of short term scenarios such as buying a new businesses, working capital and property developments to name a few.

The benefits of a first mortgage?
  • Faster and cheaper 
  • Higher LVR’s are available
  • Equity release on properties you own for business purposes.
How can Secured Lending help? 

With a first ranking mortgage against unencumbered property, we are able to provide our clients with competitive short term rates. With acceptable collateral including metro based residential, commercial, industrial and vacant land properties, we are able to assist clients with funding for asset acquisition, creditor repayments or contribute toward working capital requirements.

Case Studies

See the number of scenarios where we have helped clients with our first mortgage products:

first mortgage

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