Our Lending Process

Assessment Stage

Once provided with key information, our team can commence our initial assessment of the application.


Terms/Letter of Offer

If we are able to assist, we will issue you indicative terms for your clients’ consideration. If this is acceptable, we will issue a Letter of Offer outlining all the terms, costs and structure of your loan, along with a shortlist of the documents that may be required to settle the loan.

We recommend you review the Letter of Offer to ensure that you are satisfied with the terms and conditions. If you are happy to proceed, sign and return the Letter of Offer so we can process your loan.


Final Due Diligence

Once we get the executed Letter of Offer and confirmation that you have paid the application fee, we will attend to the following:

  • Arrange an onsite inspection.
  • Transfer funds into our solicitors’ trust account.
  • Liaise with the first mortgagee to confirm outstanding balance and cross collateralisation.
  • Instruct our solicitors to prepare the necessary loan and security documents.

Loan Documents

You are nearly there!

Our solicitors will issue the loan, security and ancillary documentation to finalise the loan. We recommend that you obtain legal advice to ensure all documents are in order and suitable for your financial situation prior to execution

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